youBike lands in Campolattaro, Campania!

Campolattaro, here is the bike share to discover the beauty of the Samnite municipality

“Campolattaro focuses on the environment and sustainable mobility. In the Samnite municipality, in fact, the new bike-sharing service has been active for a few days.

Available to citizens, there are 10 pedal-assisted bikes that have been placed in the charging station on Fontanelle Street in the heart of the Samnite center. To use the service, it will be enough to purchase-in the municipal offices-a prepaid card. Minors will also be allowed to use the bicycles if accompanied by their parents.

The card, which costs 10 euros, will contain inside 5 euros of credit to rent bikes. The fee is one euro for the first hour and 50 cents for subsequent hours.

A laudable and sympathetic initiative, that of the Tammaro municipality, especially in view of the summer when the towns of Sannio return to repopulate. It is also a nice opportunity for those who, on the other hand, would like to discover the medieval castle and the scenic and natural beauty by taking a nice bike ride.”

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