On May 1 at 7:15 p.m., in Capo d’Orlando, on the occasion of Little Sicily, the book “The Canepardo – Stories and Tales of a Sicily that Dreams, Believes, Excels. A Living Island.”, written by Alessandra Rando and Edoardo Lipari with a foreword by Gianluca Basile, published by Armenio Editore.

This is an essay, as the authors explain, with an ethical-social purpose because it aims to bring to light a message of courage and hope to Sicilians. In it are collected life stories of artists, businesses, associations, and local excellences who believed in Sicily.

In the book among the stories, taken from dialogues with various realities on the island, a few pages are dedicated to TMR, our company, which is at the top in Italy in terms of bike sharing.

In addition, stories of other Sicilian realities are told in the essay:

  • Taobuk, Taormina International Book Festival, in the person of Antonella Ferrara, organizer, and event management and promotion managers;
  • Orange Fiber, an innovative start-up, produces textiles from the by-product of processed citrus fruit, combining ethics and aesthetics;
  • Antonio Longo, an internationally renowned physician and inventor of special intervention methodologies in his field, now adopted worldwide;
  • ACIO, Italy’s first anti-racket association;
  • Asilat, first Italian company to market donkey milk;
  • Myoutfititalia, by Erica Barca influencer and one of the most important Italian fashion-related social networks;
  • Vincenzo Modica, Olympic track and field champion;
  • Melina Tricoli, artist, of material painting, international award-winning;
  • Martina Caruso, of the Signum hotel (Malfa) , Sicily’s youngest chef , Michelin starred;
  • B&B Re Umberto, awarded best in Italy and second best B&b in the world;
  • Messina Brewery, cooperative company, brewery;
  • Natale Giunta, a starred chef, as well as well-known for the TV program “La prova del cuoco.”
  • Orlandina Basket, in the figure of President Enzo Sindoni, a team from the smallest municipality in Europe in the league;
  • Teresa Mannino, television comedian;
  • Spare change, web-born comedy duo in the limelight on television;
  • Magician Forrest, television stand-up comedian;
  • Barbara Labate, ceo of Risparmio Super, among the 50 most influential women in Europe;
  • Giovanni Caccamo, internationally renowned singer;
  • Al-Cantara, exquisitely Sicilian winery