TMR Srl is pleased to announce that, as a result of the contract awarded according to regular public tender, the implementation and operation of BiciPA, Palermo’s Bike Sharing, has officially begun. As of Dec. 15, the Sicilian capital can boast of an innovative and cutting-edge Bike Sharing service: 37 stations with 420 bicycles installed at multiple strategic points around the city.

All Bike Sharing stations are equipped with cameras, information board, and everything you need to pick up and/or drop off your bike. Added to this, part of the bicycles provided are pedal-assisted and powered by renewable energy by harnessing the photovoltaic technology of the canopy roofs accompanying the youBike® system.

Pedal-assisted bikes are an important aid in limiting user fatigue, while still being environmentally friendly. Bike stations make it possible to pick up a bike from one station and drop it off at a different bike share station located throughout the city, with absolute ease.

Bike Sharing is an innovative sustainable mobility service of which TMR is a leader in southern Italy. The service holds significant benefits for all urban communities: makes it possible to reduce the impact of pollutant emissions, due to urban mobility, helps to decrease vehicle traffic that crowds our cities, stimulates and encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle

Tmr designed and developed the entire youBike® apparatus, from the facilities to the management software that provides service and point-of-sale administrators with all the necessary tools to monitor and control the Bike Sharing service, this confirms the quality and reliability of the youBike® system.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the sole administrator of TMR Srl, Tindaro Terranova: “I am particularly excited about the goals achieved by TMR srl in recent years and the installation of our system youBike® in a big city like Palermo is just further confirmation of the success achieved through the hard work of the entire TMR staff.”

In addition, the youBike® App allows users to be able to access information about the status of the service, view their personal account information and even their credit.

Particular appreciation was expressed by Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando. “With the launch of Bike Sharing,” he said, “we are taking another important step forward in the field of soft mobility, which is alternative, more convenient, non-polluting, and in accordance with principles that are normal in other cities around the world. Today, proudly, we can reaffirm that we have the best streetcar in the nation, the largest car sharing fleet in Italy, managed by a public structure that is Amat, and, now, Bike Sharing as well.”

For information, costs and subscriptions, all users can go to the Amat offices on Via Giusti in Palermo.