From the Aug. 17, 2015, Giornale di Sicilia – Osvaldo Esposito

The note 2.0

Along comes ZenCard, the brainchild of TMR S.r.l., a leading App design and sustainable technology company.

The “Eco” app designed to replace classic business cards is a new way to share and store your contacts, saving paper and graphic design costs.

ZenCard is the future evolution of the traditional card, simple and convenient to use. In fact, to create a personal card, one must fill out a simple form with the data one intends to disclose, and instantly a QRcode will be generated containing the previously recorded information. To save other contacts to your address book, however, simply have any QRcode scanner scan the code generated by the application.

ZenCard will guide you, step by step, in the creation of your digital ticket, using minimalist graphics and an accompanying presentation image.

Technology in the palm of your hand, a useful digital business card on your professional profile. ZenCard possesses several advantages:

Economical-no graphic design or even printing is needed;

Quick – through a few steps the card is done!

Respect The Environment-no paper waste;

Respect for privacy-share the card without the need for the recipient’s contact information;

Design-essential graphics: very few lines, only one image;
Say goodbye to the old business cards, which, sooner or later, you would have lost. From today, you will always have contacts “at your fingertips” in your address book.

The application and all its services are available at the following link:

Zen Card