Focus: 93% of European companies focus on energy efficiency.

The report published by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, compiled together withENEA, showed that in the last year (in Europe) 93 percent of SMEs planned and implemented measures to improve energy efficiency.

These actions have enabled companies to face the crisis and relaunch themselves within markets with increasingly green products and services. The Italian landscape, in the wake of what is happening in the rest of the Old Continent, is making consistent progress in order to promote a recovery characterized by sustainability.

In 2013, Italy ranked 12th in Europe for eco-innovation, gaining three places from 2012. The credit for this is totally attributable to the entrepreneurial class that is increasingly focused on energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Today 98 percent of Italian entrepreneurs believe it is essential to focus on more efficient use of raw materials and energy.

Green entrepreneurship can make a major contribution to the recovery of the Italian economy.

Investments in renewable energy, actions for energy efficiency, policies for sustainable mobility and organic farming are just a series of targeted interventions that our country will be able to exploit to match the results obtained by the Nordic countries and Germany, a leader in Europe in the field of eco-innovation