Web design is a technique, now well-established in the information technology industry that is based on the design, development and implementation of Web sites, paying special attention to the graphic aspect and customization of the product.

Graphics that are often inspired by trends, which, as in fashion, influence the design of a particular period.

These are the main trends in these early months of 2015.

– At the top of the list is a process already popular in 2014 that will become a must this year: attention to the responsive. Today, a time when most websites are visited directly from smartphones, it is impossible to think of being able to make a product that is not optimized for viewing on the screens of such devices. No more staggered images or the need to move the site entirely to display necessary information.

– The trend of the “scrolling” supplanting the “clicking”: once again, accessibility from mobile is of paramount importance, which is why “scrolling” through the site through simple finger motions, possibly aided by the metro interface ushered in by windows devices, makes it easier for users to find the information they need.

– Also the trend of ghost buttons, that is, of buttons surrounded only by more or less thick lines with no specific background.

– The biggest innovation this year is video, implemented with HTML5. The video backgrounds will be short, easy to understand, and overlaid with short explanatory texts.

– Finally, “card design,” then the ability to enclose all necessary information within square or rectangular blocks to make it easier to understand.

These are the main trends that will dominate the world of web design.


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