Today, the App market offers the ability to truly monitor every aspect of our lives, starting with the health status of users.

Whether it is still futuristic to think of a “portable doctor”, which allows us to get a truthful diagnosis based not only on generic symptoms, but which can also analyze our medical history, it is nevertheless possible today to find a really wide range of products that allow us to monitor the calories taken in meals, keep track of our heart rate, count the kilometers run, the steps taken, the average speed of the run, and much more.

Prime example of this process is
, the Apple-developed app preinstalled in the new iOS 8, which allows it to calculate our every movement without the need for additional hardware tools.

It is also possible to keep track of blood sugar or cholesterol levels, or even, through additional features made available by the Cupertino-based company, even blood caffeine levels. Functionality that integrates well with smartwatches, with which it is also possible to track our sleep quality including through nighttime movements, or even monitor a child’s breathing rate, or the safe levels of our sun exposure.

Apps also enable us to improve our quality of life by helping us maintain healthy habits, enticing and inspiring us to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle at all times.