71% of Italians use social networks. In 2015 Italian internet users increased to 70.9% (+7.4% compared to 2013), but only 5.2% of them use an ultra wideband. 50.3% of Italians joined Facebook (77.4% is under 30), 42% Youtube (72.5% of them is young) and 10.1% Twitter. These are the results of the 12th CENSIS-UCSI report, which points out the social medias great transformation throughout the last 10 years.

While television is still the “queen” of medias (96.7% of the Italian population uses it), new kinds of devices are becoming more popular: web tv has reached 23.7% of viewers (+1.6% compared to 2013), mobile tv 11.6% (+4.8%), satellite tv 42.4% and smart tv 10%. The radio is also highly used (83.9% of Italians), and is listened to with mobile phones (2%) and on the Internet (2%). Smartphones popularity is rapidly increasing (+12.9%) and are now used by 52.8%, while tablets have reached 26.6% in 2 years.

However, there is a huge difference between youngs and elders: the first reaches 91.9% of internet users, while the latest 27.8%; 85.7% of youngs and 13.2% of elders have got a smartphone; 77.4% of under 30 and 14.3% of over 65 joined Facebook; Youtube is used by 72.5% of youngs and 6.6% of elders: 40.7% of the first watches web tv, compared to 7.1% of the latest; 40.3% of under 30 and 4.1% of over 65 listens to radio through mobile phones, and tablets are used by 36.6% of the first and only by 6% of the latest. Newspapers, however, are read by only 27.5% of youngs, compared to 54.3% of elders.

The main informations sources used by Italians are 5: newscast (76.5%), radio newspapers (52%), search engines like Google (51.4%, +10% compared to 2011), tv all news (50.9%, +34.6%) and Facebook (43.7%, +16.9%); Smartphones apps (+16.7%) and YouTube (+10.9%) are also rather popular. Among the youngs, however, the list changes: Facebook is the main souce used (71.1%), followed by Google (68.7%), newscasts (68.5%), YouTube (53.6%), radio newspapers (48.8%) and smartphones apps (46.8%)

The Internet is used mainly to look for informations about roads and localities (60.4%), but also about companies, products and services (56%). The Internet is also used for home banking (46.2%), listening to music (43.9%, up to 69.9% of youngs), watching movies (25.9%, up to 46% of youngs), looking for works (18.4%), having conversations through Skype or other voip services (16.2%), shopping (43.5%) and for administrative practices (17.1%). Internet users use telematic platforms to be in direct contact with their interlocutors or with services they’re interested to. During the crisis years, Italians used their resources sparingly because of their low budgets. This, however, didn’t affect digital medias, because through internet, they could save their money and spare their time enjoying all the services provided, like online shopping, banking operations and more.

(Censis source)

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