Analyzing the ranking of cities that are striving for more sustainable mobility (source: “Sustainable Mobility in Italy: survey of the top 50 cities”) shows thatItaly is still divided into two sections. There is, on the subject, strong attention and awareness among northern cities, while no southern city is in the top ten of eco-sustainable cities.

What about Sicily? How do the major cities on our Island perform?

With the exception of the capital city of Palermo, car sharing and bike sharing systems are two almost unknown phenomena throughout the rest of the island.

Palermo, along with Naples, is the only provincial capital in southern Italy to have espoused the car-sharing service and is also preparing to welcome a prestigious bike-sharing project. The capital will thus become, also for the bike-sharing service, the reference point for the whole Island since all other provincial capitals are in a position of total immobility on the issue.

The growth of sustainable mobility also comes through the use of information technologies ( apps – web apps) that can support the movement of people and goods. There is also no encouraging data in this area. Only the cities of Palermo, Catania and Messina have shown particular aptitude in the use and enhancement of these technological devices.

The degree to which our cities are livable is inextricably linked both to our sensitivity and inclination toward new practices and to our use of the tools that technology wisely puts at our disposal.

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