Mobile apps have really made our cell phones smart, allowing us to have all our interests at our fingertips-they have totally changed the way we think about telephony and, why not, also understand the Web. We no longer need to type in an address or start a Google search, to visit our favorite site, know what the weather will be tomorrow or what time the train will arrive. It is now possible to find out everything we need to know with very few gestures.

But what were the best apps for major mobile operating systems in 2014?

Let’s start with the best apps of 2014 for Android smartphones, with a list compiled directly by Google: in the list, consisting of 63 apps, we find Wunderlist in first place: To Do & List, an attractively designed list-making and note-taking app. This is followed by well-known apps such as Shazam and Groupon, and lesser-known ones such as Luminosity, which allows people to challenge and train their brains, and Timehop, which offers the ability to relive the best moments of our lives through Facebook.

You can see the full list here

Let us now discover the best apps for Apple devices: Replay Video Editor was voted app of the year, this free app allows you to edit beautiful videos, adding music and various effects for free, to follow Peek – Brain Training, which, like Luminosity allows you to train your brain through mini-games and activities for the modest price of 4.49 per month. Also on the list are Babbel, Runtastic and, surprisingly, The Treccani.

What about Windows Phone? Top on the list are Gmail, which is very useful for managing our emails wherever we are, One Drive app that allows us to take notes quickly and easily, but also PrintHand, which allows us to print directly from our mobile device, documents saved on the phone.