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Mr. Vincenzo Lo Cascio is the winner of the Biciclando Award. The award instituted by the Sindoni Administration for the cyclist who has distinguished himself or herself by the correct use of the bicycle and diligence in reporting any anomalies, based on the principle of the most correct sharing of service.

The award, which is given for the first time, thanks to the collaboration with the staff of Biciclando, was presented yesterday during an informal ceremony by Mayor Enzo Sindoni and Councilor Cettina Scaffidi.

Mr. Lo Cascio was awarded a €100.00 refill on the bike share system card to be used in the 2014 season (April-May-October).

“A responsible and constant use of the service – for this reason declares Councillor Scaffidi – we have given this award. A way to stimulate and incentivize those who, like us, believe in this system of getting around. In Capo d’Orlando, Bike Sharing, now in its third year, guarantees users who already have cards the release of pedal-powered vehicles for city travel. This year we have significantly reduced the rate plan for the months of April, May and October, in fact, it goes from €0.50/hour to only €0.25/hour.”

To request the cards, to take advantage of Biciclando, simply sign a form attaching an ID. Interested parties can contact the URP of the City of Capo d’Orlando, or the Tourist Information Office on Via Andrea Doria.

Five Bike Sharing stations on the municipal territory: Piazza Bontempo, Villa Bagnoli, Piazza IV luglio 1299, Piazza Caracciolo and F.P.Merendino stadium parking lot.

Capo d’Orlando May 20, 2014

The Chief Press Office of the City of Capo d’Orlando

(Salvatore Pintaudi – 0941915220)