New electric bills will come to our homes next September.

Two versions are expected:

– Synthetic: it will indicate the kilowatt cost per hour and the system obligations cost (that we have already paid for web services, but that, until now, it doesn’t show on our bills).

– Detailed: it will indicate every electrical consumptions details.

But studies by the Energy Authority don’t clarify the energy meters quality installed in the italians’ houses, and don’t accurate the datas on the bills, as indicated in 2004/22/CE of31/03/2004 about measuring devices, known as MID (“Measuring Instruments Directive”).

Any electricity device should respect the European indications. Since 2007, ENEL has installed two electric meters: Nmi and Iqf. These are registered in Nando, the official paper about all notified body.

According to the Treasure association datas, 32 milions of energy meters installed before the directive approvation aren’t certified, while 4 milions of energy meters are installed by other energy distributors . These datas lead us to ask: are our bills trustworthy?


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