“Our strees, our choice” was the slogan for the lastest edition of the “European week of sustainable mobility”. This motto is about the real need to change our behaviour towards our strees, in order to protect from city pollution.

The sustainable mobility, that was carried out for this specific purpose, is the alternative ways of moving in our cities reducing the impact due to traditional transport lines on the enviroment. Bike-sharing is one of those: an eco-friendly, easy and innovative way of moving that also promotes a healthier life style. In 2012 this system was installed in 66 cities and 34 administrative centers. The situation in Italy, however, was different: while in North Italy cities like Milan, Parma and Bologna had many eco-friendly services, South Italy cities, like Siracusa, Potenza and Reggio Calabria hadn’t.

Sustainable mobility is too important: many people want an easier and more comfortable life, forgetting the damages they cause to our planet.

mobilità sostenibile 2