Lo Cascio 2 ok

Mr. Vincenzo Lo Cascio is the winner of the “Biciclando Award”. The prize was given to him thanks for his correct use of e-bike and for his technical assistance about the bike-sharing in Capo D’Orlando.

Yesterday, the prize has been given by the Capo D’Orlando Mayor Sindoni Enzo and his collaborator Scaffidi Cettina.

The “Biciclando Award” is about 100€ charged in the bike-sharing card that he could used from April to October 2014. The Assessor Scaffidi Cettina declared: “We gave this prize to Mr. Vincenzo Lo Cascio because of the responsible use of “Biciclando” the e-bike sharing in Capo D’Orlando. This is a way to increase the bike sharing use among people who, like us, believe in this project.

This year we have reduced the cost about the bike-sharing service during these months : April, May and October, from 0.50€ for 30 minutes to 0.25€.” To obtain a card, it is so easy : you have to fill a module and provide a certificate. For more informations, you may go to the Capo D’Orlando URP or to the Tourist Information Point in Andrea Doria street.

Capo d’Orlando 20 maggio 2014

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